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Introduction to Sapphire's Place

Sapphire's TransGender Archive is a service to the On-Line TG Community by offering an Archive of the BEST in on-line TG Fiction.If you have a story that might fit here, please let me know, or send it directly to me.

I did not write these stories and I make no claims as to their content. I am simply providing a service to the on-line community.
If you are the original author of one of these stories, and you wish for me to remove it from my archive, let me know. If you wish to contribute to this archive, please send email to stories deal primarily with female domination, forced feminization, and strong transsexual themes. If you get squeemish from this stuff, LEAVE NOW ! THIS IS FOR ADULTS ONLY! .
If you don't want to read such stories, then don't. you've been informed.
Stories that I like and find especially interesting are prefixed with this icon.

Sometime in the future I'd like to put a little comment next to each story, but since I'm still in the process of formatting the files, and constructing this page, I don't know when I'll be able to get around to the comments

Many of the stories authors are unknown, If anyone knows the authors please let me know I'd like to give the proper credit to the authors!

Banner Ads - Why?
The rising cost off keeping this web site has forced me to find advertising money. Because of the "adult/mature" nature of the stories here, most banner ads will NOT accept an account from us. The Adult sites featured in our current banners will PAY me EVERY TIME someone clicks thru to them, whether you buy anything or NOT! So, please support this site by clicking on the banners at the top and the bottom of the pages. It might be the difference between our survival and shutting down! Thanks!

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