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Sapphire's Place and myself need your help in a desperate way!

I'm not really sure how to ask, but I need your help to keep this site on-line. Sapphire's Place has no real sponsors except myself. For awhile, I tried to raise the funds needed to keep an extensive website on-line with those awkward "click-thru banner ads" but they pay so meagerly that it has been YEARS since their last check ( only $60 at that ).

Not only are the prices of server space raising, but the cost of "bandwidth " raising all the time. On top of that, I find myself having to choose to pay for living expenses for my family rather then needed upgrades to the site, and soon the TG_Fiction mailing list will require more money to retain it's " ad-free " status.

To help solve this problem, I am starting two programs.

  • First, I have signed up to participate in Amazon's Honor Pay system, a method for a reader of this site to contribute to it's upkeep. You can contribute from $1 and up ( to your credit limit! ) either with your name attached to the contribution or anonymously. YOU will not be charged any fees for this generosity, but they will change 15% to me for all money transferred ( so please remember that when you use this ).

  • Second, have joined both Amazon's and Barnes and Noble's affiliate programs, and any materials purchased through Sapphire's Place, we will be paid a small " commission ".

    The first program is now in place, and the banner below will bring you to Sapphire's Places Honor Page over at Amazon. You can raise or lower the suggested contribution as you will, but this generosity on your part will keep this site from becoming another victim or raising prices and costs.

    The second program is currently being "built" and will be available in the near future.

    Please remember, no one will ever be forced to pay anything to access these wonderful stories as long as the site remains open.

    Click on this image to contribute
    to keep Sapphire's Place on-line and free for all!

    Amazon Honor System Click Here to Pay Learn More


    I have also started a Paypal Donation Account, for those not confortable with the Amazon system!

    UPDATE ! Today ( 3/11/04 ) I was notified by Paypal that this site violates their "Acceptable Use Policy " and have restricted my account, freezing the $52.05 currently in the account.

    At their request, I have removed the Paypal link, and am intending to request Paypal reconsider, as they "seem" to think that I am "selling adult materials" from this site. I will keep you all informed of any developments.


    Recently, I have received requests on how to SNAIL MAIL ( US Post ) Checks or Money Orders to help out.

    Make Checks or Money Orders out to :

    T & D Enterprises

    and send to:

    Sapphire's Place
    41 Finlay Street, Apt B
    Amsterdam, NY 12010

    Remember, check to "T&D Enterprises" and NOT "Sapphire's Place" Thank you for all your kind words and support!