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Blame it on Woodstock eBook coverBlame it on Woodstock Kindle eBook

A Sapphire Place Kindle eBook !
Newest story from Rebekkah in YEARS.
They say that the music festival at Woodstock changed the world ... They were more right then they knew. I don't remember reading about witches, dragons, multiple universes and gender changes !
This is the adventures of Tony ( An'tony/ Anthony ) and his friends sneaking away from home and into the festival, and how Angel and her friends changed the world, both seen and unseen!

8 Dragons Saga

"The Distance Between Yes and No," Book #1
A Sapphire Place Kindle eBook !
The Twins were not really twins, the girls were not really girls, the friends are more then friends, and the school teaches more than just school subjects....and the Dragons, .... they really were Dragons!

"Though Calm May Prevail Under Heaven," Book # 2  
A Sapphire Place Kindle eBook !
Book two of the 8 Dragon Saga, The sides start to coalesce, and the fight starts to become more serious. More outside forces take sides, as the story become more deadly!

"When the Enemy Opens the Gate." Book # 3  
A Sapphire Place Kindle eBook !

As the attacks against the sister, their family and allies increase, the danger heightens! This is book 3 of the first trilogy of the 8 Dragon Saga. A Sapphire Place Kindle eBook !

The Songs of Ch'i

"A Narrow Defile, A Deep Ravine." Book One  ( Book 4 of 8 Dragon Saga )
A Sapphire Place Kindle eBook !

"The Softest of Things." Book Two ( Book 5 of the 8 Dragon Saga) NOW as a Kindle eBook!

"The_Hard_Is_a_Brigand" NOW as a Kindle eBook!

"The Hard Is a Brigand  Book Three Book Three ( Book 6 of the 8 Dragon Saga )
A Sapphire Place Kindle eBook !
Book Thee ( Book 6 of the 8 Dragon Saga)
"The Hard Is a Brigand" is book Six (6) of the 8 Dragon Saga's second Trilogy ! Continue to follow the sisters and their friends as they rescue others from the clenches of slavers, and experience more transformations in the process, including more unexpected Gender changes!
Follow our heroes as they come of age in the dystopian world that spirals with out of control magic as they start the middle trilogy of the "Twins" story, our 8 Dragons Saga!

Spent Cicada's Song

"Village and Well"  Book One Complete - Chapters 1 - 40 ( 529k ) 

"A Veil Barely Seen"  Book Two 

Chapters 1 - 3 ( 44k )  Chapters 4 - 6 ( 44k )  Chapters 7 - 9 ( 38k )  Chapters 10 - 12 ( 42k )  Chapters 13 - 15 ( 43k )
Chapters 16 - 18 ( 44k )    Chapters 19 - 21 ( 42k )  Chapters 22 - 30  New!!!

Note ( incomplete.gif - 297 Bytes ) means the story is not finished

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