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A Fistful of Dragons
A Sapphire Place Kindle eBook !
More than a millennia ago an act of anger by a scientist called Silvinas changed our world to his fantasy. Now the war between the races is again erupting, with help from Silvinas. This is a time for men to be real men, women to be real women and dragons to sing old Lennon and McCartney songs.

A Sapphire Place Premire Kindle eBook!

The Lady Lies Sleeping
A Sapphire Place Kindle eBook !
Many things that walk upon the earth are older than we can guess, at the beginning was The Firstborn, he who danced as the world was created ... he will dance at the end of the world too ... and that might just be a little closer than he would like.

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The Oracle of New Delphi
A Sapphire Place Kindle eBook !
It falls to a brave few to rebuild the world, after civilization collapses! Follow the unlikely heroes that have to put it all back together. It makes it harder when you are not even in your own bodies when it all falls apart. Book One of Two
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Book One  Book Two

Kingdom of the Blind
Mid Eastern conflict takes a Royal Naval Harrier Pilot a lot further than he was expecting. Present day alien abduction science fiction with lots of twists.

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Puppy-Walking A Sapphire Place Premiere!
I am hitting a few problems coming up with a concise description of this one…I seem to keep coming back to “Monty Python meets Hill Street Blues in a world where only the probabilities separate the impossible from the merely improbable”,

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Mea Culpa A Sapphire Place Premiere!
A brutal love story between an agoraphobic and a pre-op transsexual in a world of the future not so far removed from our own.

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The Triad A Sapphire Place Premiere!

So here I present you with a strange little story that my muse brought with her on her return from realms unknown.  I hereby offer it to you for your opinion...and remember...I did warn you it was strange.

Note From Hypatia: Well folks I’m back from a long absence, during which time I’ve toured the pits of despair and skirted the realms of madness...sounds just like one of my stories doesn’t it?
Seriously, I’ve had a lot of major stuff going on in real life that has really screwed up my writing and cost me my contact with people I care about in this community, both online and in real world (You all know who you are...I hope...).  To everyone out there I owe an apology to for my disappearance, I wholeheartedly and unreservedly apologise and I’ll try to make it up to you (I’ll try to get writing some decent stories...which might just make you that little bit more amenable).  If I owe you an email or I haven’t responded to one you’ve sent please bare with me for the moment.  My internet access is through a mobile phone (which is so slow that I daren’t open a story of more than 100k) and in just one of my three email boxes I have over four thousand unread emails. I’ll get around to you eventually (when I get broadband back) or send me another one and I’ll probably get back to you a darn sight quicker.  Again I’m sorry, but real life must take priority over the life I’d love to be far more real.
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