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The Dragon's Staff of the Master Druid
A Sapphire Place Kindle eBook !

Did Merlin the Master Magician really live? Did Merlin consider himself a Druid God? Was King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table real? Was Merlin really imprisoned in France by the Lady Nimue? Is Merlin trying or tried to enslave all Humankind? That's what the Preston Foundation want to know and so does the archeological team, which are changed forever by a Primus Scroll. Because of the Primus many are changed in many ways from their sex to their ages. The search is on to find Draclyon the true name of the "Dragon's Heart" the source of Merlin's Power of Magick.

Kindle eBook
Dragon's Staff Kindle.jpg - 465040 Bytes Kindle E-Book  $2.99

New Cover by Erica Caddei


Signal 335

A Sapphire Place Kindle eBook !
The red and black paint of the all the apparatus shone, the chrome twinkled in the dimly lighted firehouse. The lights and sirens were silent on the emergency trucks. The ready deck was quiet as most of the fire companies' personnel were in bed, with the exception for a few watching television or playing cards. It was their turn to unwind from the day of fighting the red, white and orange flames of the fires they had fought during their shift of twenty-four hours. Suddenly the lights went from dim to bright. A siren went off over the speakers!

Signal 335 is " Fire Over - Returning to Station "
signal_335.jpg - 38237 Bytes Signal 335 Kindle E-Book  $2.99

Mr. and Mrs. Claus at the Children's Ward
The Adventures or Miss-Adventures of a TS Nurse from Nursing School to becoming a Director of Nursing at a Major Class I Trauma Center. Follow her Loves and Sorrows from Chicago to New York back to Chicago. Klondike the Malamute say it's a Five Fart - OH, Sorry - Five-Bark Story

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Part One  ( 34.4k )

Mr. and Mrs. Claus at the Children's Ward Part 2
Continuing the adventures or Miss-Adventures of a TS Nurse from Nursing School to becoming a Director of Nursing at a Major Class I Trauma Center. Follow her Loves and Sorrows from Chicago to New York back to Chicago. Klondike the Malamute say it's a Five Fart - OH, Sorry - Five-Bark Story

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Unjustly Accused
A young girl is raped; a neighbor boy is accused! The neighbor boy is tried and sentenced by teenage vigilantes to be raped and mutilated. What are the repercussions of the young girls Rape? What are the repercussions of their actions toward the neighbor boy? What are the repercussions of any Rape? Read Unjustly Accused to find out? Feel the Pain and Healing !

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The Alien Within or Holy Crap, There's An Alien In My Bed!   A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
The Earth's Scientists Say: We see no scientific evidence of any signs of intelligent life in the universe. We therefore assume there isn't any. We will continue to look. Well maybe they're here already! Have you ever wondered why your spose does such strange things such as Reading your mind all the time? Or your children levitating objects? How about the In Laws? (They're normally strange anyway!) Perhaps they all have lived on Earth for Decades! Maybe your boss is an ET? What about your male best friend gaining weight and losing the weight after nine months?

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Part 1 ( 263k )  Part 2 ( 215k )  Part 3 ( 328k )

The Revenge of the Mommies  
The Mother's are pissed! Everyone Hide!
It would look to be a Halloween prank but the consequences, irrevocable and the speculations as to credibility of the people in question, irrefutable. The plan was simple and yet complex as it all hinged upon a simple invitation to the Halloween Ball. Revenge will be sweet by the mommies!

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Murder by Blackmail A Sapphire Place Exclusive!

Someone did a number in his or her search of this apartment. There were holes in the walls and in the closet. The ceiling was partially torn down. Clothes were strewed everywhere. The clothes were expensive but not designer label.
A very pretty girl's body dressed only in her panties and bra was hog tied onto the bed. A red curtain tie back tassel was around her neck. The worst was a bullet hole in the middle of her pretty forehead.
TS's were being murdered, Was it a Serial Killer? By whom? What Reason? Those were some of the questions the County States Attorney Investigators wanted answered.
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Part 1  ( 313k )  Part 2  ( 208k )  Part 3  ( 204k )

Family Ties That Bind A Sapphire Place Exclusive!

My name is Angelique and let me tell you for a boy it is a hell of a name to go through life with. Dad always said when Mom saw me after I was born I looked like an Angelic Archangel so the name stuck. Thanks Mom!
Mom had Cancer and I had to fill her shoes for the family. I was raised as a boy but genetically was a girl!
What other Secrets hiding are in the Closet besides me?
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A Life In Disaster Redeemed A Sapphire Place Exclusive!

My matters of affairs were a mess after taking my finals. I had studied, as I should have. However I just knew that I had failed I had that sinking feeling deep in the pit of my stomach. This was not acceptable in my family or shall I say my father; as this could cause me to lose everything I worked so very hard for or to be placed on academic probation. I had to make a decision as to my fate but what shall it be? I had to think and evaluate my situation clearly.
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Vengeance:  A Swift Sword Of Justice! A Sapphire Place Exclusive!

Screwed by the greediness of a senator, Sam Levitsky made preparations to be jailed but from a known business source he was given a reprieve and a chance to remain free. That source gave him the WarWagon the most advanced vehicle in the world along two gigantic headaches called Angelo and Cassie, the inventors. Sam was also asked to protect a Transgendered teenager being a man of power and wealth in the business world. The WarWagon had the weapons to enslave or free nations but it may cause the demise of the senator and make those think in Washington. Will it? Could it? How will the Sam get even? Will the price of freedom be great?  It might or things could change, read the novel, Vengeance: A Swift Sword of Justice, A Free, Exclusive and copyrighted novel by Lorraine Bank only at Sapphire's Place.

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The Change Is Forever My Darling A Sapphire Place Exclusive!

My name was William (Willie the Ferret) Carmody and I was the best at what I did; I was a Burglar, not just any run of the mill burglar but a Cat Burglar. I could lift the gold fillings from your teeth as you slept in your bed. Hell I could make love to a man's wife as he slept next to her and she would think it was her husband packing the salami to her. I could kiss a man, making love to him and he'd think it was his wife. Electronic systems and safes were no match for my skills of my chosen profession. Dogs loved me as I fed them meat laced with a sedative to make them sleep for a few hours.
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A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
I was thrown out of my home by my father-assumed the identity of another person and was found out -finally I was vindicated for solving a crime and reunited with my birth mother
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The Devil's Triangle

A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
We have all heard about the mysterious disappearances of people, ships and aircraft in this area called the Bermuda Triangle or the Devil's Triangle for those that believe in the demon. This is an area between Florida, the Bahamas, and Cuba where strange things and occurrences tend to happen such as ship, plane and person disappearances. Some mariners say when you see a strangely colored dense fog and the magnetic compass readings go bizarre, it's time to turn about and sail away at full speed, if you can. There are many scientific explanations to this phenomena but are they true? What would happen if you escaped from the clutches of the phenomena?
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A Sapphire Place Exclusive!
Why in the hell did I ever take this job? Was it the money? Was it the potential of promotion? Was it the travel? Was it being my own boss? Was it all the benefits thrown at my feet? Was it in fact my own greed? Nope, I had those loans to repay. This was my second job in five years since graduating college. I was pathetically and depressively unhappy being that I missed my family and friends after moving so far away from them all, I kept in touch but I really did miss them. Mom and dad were always there for their three children, my brother the oldest, my sister and me as the youngest. These thoughts rumbled in my head as I drove down the road to my next destination and a brief vacation. There was something missing, but what was it? Read Anxieties for the full Uplifting Effect!
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A Sapphire Place Premiere !
The sky was gray with the air filled with a fine watery mist. Not a sound was heard from the furry inhabitants in the wooded area. There was no rustle of leaves from the numerous plants due to there not being any wind to stir them, just the constant drip of water droplets. The grasses were long and the trees green with droplets of water refracting the available light. This was open country surrounded by gently rolling hills, forests, pasture land, and small lakes with a smattering of towns and villages thrown into the foray of civilization. This was the year 1890 AD in the state known as Wisconsin, the middle part of it in North America.

The stillness was broken by a soft humming sound and a large triangular shadow appeared. It appeared to hover parallel to the hill and then it seemed to disappear behind the hill or into it. Silence was once again the norm although inside and below the hill it was very active.
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When It Hits The Fan!

A Sapphire Place Premiere !
I had just finished packing the Class A Motorhome that I was to take on my vacation. I decided on an extended vacation after being forced to do so by my partner that was also my sister in our business. Checking over the fishing gear, I planned on hitting the lake and eventually to drop the proverbial line into it. We, my sister and I, owned two ladies apparel shops and a clothing factory and it seemed that I was always in the stores. All I wanted to do was to see our business succeed, and it has been thus far. I know that the first thing crossing your minds is that I'm kind of kinky, well maybe, but who doesn't have a quirk or two in them. Granted that I have crossed dressed for a time, at school, parties, Halloween and in my younger years but that was where I drew the line, although it isn't too straight of a line. Okay, I have had Bisexual relationships in my past and sexually I am passive. Even though currently I am almost in my mid twenties, five foot nine, still have a good build for a woman. I have all my thick, brown hair and pearly white teeth. I didn't have a woman to warm my bed or me to warm anyone's bed of either gender. Oh well, that in time will happen, although possibilities are very remote.
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Different Sides of the Fence

A Sapphire Place Premiere !  
The day was overcast, gloomy and raining off and on, this was not a good day for me as I walked into the off campus apartment I shared with Daniel Carson. I was caught in a cloudburst and drenched to the skin, the only good thing was that today was Friday and the next two days were mine. My mind was reeling from past events during and after my last class. I was not a happy camper to say the least as I slammed the door to our apartment shut and threw my knapsack full of books down near the couch. Dan was sitting at the living room computer desk looking at me in amazement saying, "Uh oh, bad day Kat?"
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